It’s Time to Get Trans Athletes on the Field

As many state legislatures regress away from the meager progress made towards equal rights for LGBTQ+ individuals, repealing measures that protect the queer community and proposing more and more antagonistic policies (bans on gender-affirming care, for example), public spaces grow increasingly hostile for genderqueer and gender-nonconforming people. The illusion of safety that laws like the

The New Generation of Starving Artists

The Gettysburg Community Theatre (GCT) has been changing lives for nearly 15 years. As one of the premier centers for the arts in town, the theatre provides a space for actors of all ages to explore their talents and connect with peers who understand their love of performance. Chad-Alan Carr, the founding executive and artistic

Gettysburg Welcome Center plans move forward

Years ago, local non-profit Main Street Gettysburg, Inc. reached out to the community to ask a critical question: What is missing from this town? The answer was a resounding cry for an accessible spot containing information about Gettysburg—and a public bathroom. Jill Sellers, Main Street Gettysburg’s President and CEO, oversees the project that will hopefully