A Sweeet! Celebration

Owners Cindy and Mark Fox are celebrating the 9th anniversary of the opening of Sweeet! The Candy Store in downtown Gettysburg. “Everyone loves candy,” said Cindy Fox. “It’s my husband; it’s all his crazy brain. Mark was his own motivation. He gets an idea in his head and he’s committed to it. He’s going to

Gettysburg College Students, Ending Their Arrival Quarantines, Are Optimistic for a Safe Spring Semester

As Gettysburg College begins the second week of its 2021 spring semester, students who have received two negative COVID-19 tests have been allowed to break their “arrival quarantine” with permission to leave campus. Students, who will be tested twice-weekly throughout the semester, will wear color-coded wristbands to mark their testing status. “Last week was pretty

Organizational Profile: Local Shop GettysGear “Leans Into” the Pandemic, Creating Opportunities Though Creative Thinking and Marketing

“You really only have two choices right now: You can take your ball and go home, or you can lean down and put your shoulder into it,” said Cary Gregory, owner of GettysGear, located at 777 Baltimore St. in the Old Gettysburg Village in Gettysburg. The store, which also has an online nation footprint, sells

Gettysburg College Professor McKinley Melton Speaks on Diversity and Spoken-Word Poetry

Gettysburg College Professor Dr. McKinley Melton presented his work-in-progress poetry project in an online presentation on October 2, 2020. The project focused primarily on African American poets who performed spoken word pieces. “Spoken word poetry is an understudied field, and I am interested in thinking through the ways that Black poets in the contemporary moment

Gettysburg College Students Favor Biden, But Not all Will Vote

The COVID-19 health crisis is making the 2020 general election look very different than it has in past election years for Americans. These changes are also affecting Gettysburg College students, many of whom are not currently on campus and many of whom are voting for the first time. Informal polling on Facebook, made up primarily

College and Community Work Together to Keep Choir Music Alive

COVID-19 has canceled live choral performances across the globe, and those of the Gettysburg Concert Choir, Camerata, and Audeamus are no exceptions. The concert choir faces the largest challenges since it is composed of both college students and community members. Each of the choirs is adapting to the challenges with virtual singing under the direction

Fourcorners Comics and Games in Gettysburg Supports the Community and the Adams County Library System

4corner 2

Fourcorners Comics and Games co-owners Holly Krichten and Arthur Sanchez have been selling comic books, manga, board games, cards, and other entertainment in Gettysburg for the past five years and supporting the Adams County Library System at the same time.  The couple started the shop at 42 Baltimore Street in Kritchen’s hometown in 2015. “We’ve

“Disarm the Dispute” Responds to July 4 Events

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On July 4 a large contingency of armed individuals gathered in the Gettysburg National Military Park (GNMP), supposedly to prevent the burning of a U.S. flag and to protect the confederate monuments. The presence of this armed group caused concern among many local residents, and on July 5 a new activist group was founded to