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Bermudian Approves Mask-optional reopening plan for fall 2021; Thanks Rich Sterner for his service

The Bermudian Springs School District accepted the resignation of a member and approved a mask-optional health and safety plan during its regular meeting on Tuesday evening.

During the 11-minute meeting, school board President Michael Wool read a letter from Rich Sterner resigning from his position as vice president of the board.

“I am now no longer a resident and taxpayer of the Bermudian Springs school district. It has been a dream for my wife Karen and I to live at the beach and finally our dream has come to a reality…,” the note said, adding that Sterner now lives in Delaware.

“Even as a former administrator and teacher of Biglerville, serving here and sitting on this side of the table has been one of the most important things I’ve ever done,” Sterner’s letter continued. “It has certainly been an honor. I will wear my Eagle shirt with great pride. I have just a few parting words before I go if you’re willing to listen. Education is the key to the advancement of our society. Don’t ever forget that. If our worry is taxes or curriculum or how much milk prices are in the cafeteria, never forget that we are building a better America in our process. You must believe in this utterly. Only then can you make decisions in the best interests of our constituencies that you represent. Also, it’s okay to disagree and argue as ladies and gentlemen. Expect the best of intentions from one another and always shake hands and smile when the meeting is adjourned.”

Wool thanked Sterner for his service to the district.

The board approved the appointment of Dr. Shannon Myers as the district’s assistant superintendent. Myers will begin on Oct. 1.

District solicitor Brooke Say offered a brief report:

“This month, we provided various advice on personnel matters, and we also offered a series of administrator workshops, including a principals’ workshop and a course for new or rising principals, and we also had a business managers’ workshop,” she said.

There were no scheduled speakers and no participants during the time for public comment.

The board will hold a caucus meeting at 7 p.m. Sept. 13 and a regular meeting at 7 p.m. Sept. 14.

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