Beth Farnham: Candidate for Conewago Valley Area School Board Director, Adams County PA — 2023 Election

Prior Experience

As a current CVSD school director, I take seriously my duty to approve great faculty, rigorous curricula, and enriching resources. Aligned with CVSD’s Vision, Mission, and Beliefs, I too believe in a quality public education for all students that grows them academically, physically, emotionally, and socially in a safe environment full of authentic opportunities to develop many skills in order to become well-rounded individuals.

Because I also believe that each person in CVSD has intrinsic worth, I embrace CVSD’s recent recommitment to Title IX policy. No student, staff member, or volunteer should be subjected to discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, race, color, age, creed, religion, sex, ancestry, national origin, marital status, pregnancy, or handicap/disability.

With a degree in Biology, French, and Secondary Education, I understand many aspects of the education system from philosophy to policy. In the past few years, have also spent time in school board meetings, successfully lobbying for improvements to health education.

Lastly, there is no decision I make as a school board member that does not impact my family. Not only have my husband and I resided in the Conewago Valley School District as tax-payers for over 15 years, but our children are enrolled in CVSD schools. Proud and humbled to serve the Conewago Valley School District, I relish being a Colonial!

What will you do that will make a difference for your constituents

In February’s landmark decision, the Commonwealth Court ruled that Pennsylvania’s system of heavy reliance on local tax-payers provided neither a “thorough” nor “efficient” means to education for all students as guaranteed through the Pennsylvania Constitution. In other words, there should be more state funding. As a current school board member, I heed the directives of the Pennsylvania School Board Association on advocating increased state funding.

As CVSD continues its feasibility study, I will keep my constituents informed of decisions that will impact us, especially as taxpayers. I will vote for what makes the most sense for our entire community, though the student benefit is my first consideration. Recently, the CVSD school board provided estimates in increased taxes should an increase take place. You can find that information, for example, on my Facebook page here:

A vote for me is a renewed commitment to excellence in public education for our students and our community.

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Who me?
Who me?
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