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Bicycle repair station installed in rec park

A new cycle repair station has been installed in the Gettysburg rec park.  The station allows cyclists to make minor repairs on their bikes and to pump up their tires.

The station is located on the Biser trail near the parking area on S. Howard Ave.

Funds for the station were raised by Healthy Adams Bicycle/Pedestrian, Inc. (HAPBI).

HABPI board member Tom Jolin said the organization had successfully applied for funds to install the station from Saris Infrastructure, a corporation with offices in Madison WI, Ontario Canada, and the Netherlands.

Saris kindly donated the complete system, which is valued at about $1,500.

Jolin said HABPI donated little over $400 to the project, mainly for the concrete used in the installation.

GARA and Gettysburg Borough donated the labor for  the installation.

“It was a  nice community cooperative effort,” said Jolin.

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