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Breaking The Silence

Thursday, November 17, at 7 PM two members of the group Breaking the Silence will speak in Valentine Hall at United Lutheran Seminary in Gettysburg. This free event is sponsored by the Middle East Justice and Peace Group of South Central PA. Come to hear former Israeli soldiers Becca and Amir share their experience of enforcing the Israeli military occupation of Palestine and begin to ponder their thoughts about how to end the occupation peacefully. The event is free and open to the public. Parking is free and available in front of Valentine Hall, please enter from Springs Ave.

Breaking the Silence is a group of former Israeli soldiers who are taking the harsh truth about the Israeli occupation of Palestine to the world. These former soldiers support an end to Israel’s military occupation and support human rights for Palestinian people as a necessary part of a peaceful solution.

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American news media outlets pick and choose what they report to the public and how they report it. If one listens to Fox News and then turns to MSNBC, one might think that the news is being reported from two different planets. News about complex issues that impact our everyday lives is often reported in a couple of lines and with no background to inform taxpayers whether taxpayer dollars are being used for a positive outcome around the world. This is a particularly relevant subject for American taxpayers since $4B of our taxpayer money is given in military aid to Israel each year. This event offers an opportunity to learn a perspective not normally heard on American news outlets.

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