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Broadway Supports Public Education

Alice Broadway is running for the office of school director on the Gettysburg Area School District school board. A dedicated member of the community, Broadway has lived in Gettysburg for thirteen years, formerly serving on the GASD school board in 2019. As an elementary school educator in her ninth year teaching (currently teaching in the Mechanicsburg Area School District), Broadway works to provide equitable learning opportunities for all members of the school community.

Broadway aims to provide a voice to represent teachers and students, offering a first-hand perspective of how school board decisions impact teaching and learning in the classroom.

alice broadway2

“As an educator who has dedicated my career to teaching kids, I understand how important public education is and how important it is to have school board members who support it. To me, that means working hard to support our teachers as the professionals they are in the field, and ensuring that the goals of our school board focus on increasing access to educational materials for kids rather than restricting them.”

The primary election for the GASD school board is on Tuesday, May 16th.

Questions about this campaign can be directed to

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Bill Serfass
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