Business Profile: Lincoln Into Art brings the 16th president to life

In 2010, artist Wendy Allen came to Gettysburg and opened, with her partner Elaine Henderson as gallery director, Lincoln Into Art, a contemporary art gallery and gift shop, featuring her distinctive Lincoln portraits.

Since then, her work has continued to home in on one subject and one subject only. Working full time, Allen has painted hundreds of portraits of the 16th president and become world-famous for her work.

wendy allen1

“I fell in love with painting Lincoln 40 years ago and haven’t stopped painting him ever since,” said Allen. Typically, artists stick to one style or technique and paint an array of subjects in that style. But I have dedicated all my art on a single subject; I have painted Lincoln in many different techniques and styles.

The gallery, located at 329 Baltimore St. in the heart of Gettysburg’s historic district, occupies the ground floor of a beautifully restored Civil War-era home that dates from 1850, and is visited year-round by people looking for Allen’s work.

In addition to original portraits, images of Lincoln are available on post cards, prints, and in many other formats. Allen said she has had the pleasure of selling art to tourists from all around the world. “I have even mailed art to Europe. It seems like everyone around the world loves Lincoln.”

Allen shows her art in local schools as well as in galleries in Washington D.C. and Pensacola, Florida.  She also offers commissioned pieces by request.

In addition to the paintings, the shop also offers signature Baltimore Street Soap hand-crafted by Allen and her sister Amy Woodis.

When asked what advice she would give a prospective artist Allen said “If you are interested in art, I would suggest you try out several different styles. With new technology there are even more different types of digital art forms that could be interesting. I also suggest you go to museums and admire other artwork and artists to help give you inspiration for your artwork.”

Allen warned future artists that the time commitment could sometimes be substantial:  “Some paintings can take hours while others take years. It just depends on when I feel that it is done,” she said.

Current hours of operation at the gallery are 12:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. on weekends and by appointment during the week. Store merchandise is also available online.

Featured photo by Jasmin Herrera.


Jasmin is from Hollywood, FL. She is a junior at Gettysburg College, pursuing a bachelors degree in political science with a minor in peace and justice studies. Jasmin is a member of the Gettysburg College softball team and the Chi Omega sorority. She will be writing newsletters and articles for Gettysburg Connection. SHe is very excited to connect with the community members of Gettysburg.

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Kitty Dugan
Kitty Dugan
2 years ago

Nice article. I look forward to visiting the gallery. Thank you.

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