Buy a mask; support literacy! It’s a win-win!

Finances…never an easy subject! Due to COVID-19, revenue is down across Pennsylvania, and therefore, the Department of Education (PDE) is cutting adult education funding by more than $100,000. The optional tutor grant that we were awarded (over $50,000) is completely gone, and our 064 state grant is only being funded for 2.5 months, and expected to last us 5 months. The state said they would re-evaluate after 5 months, but there are no guarantees of anything. In the meantime, we serve over 100 adults in Adams County alone. Please join me in supporting literacy. For every 50 masks that we sell, we raise $400. Please share this fundraiser with your family, neighbors, and friends. The Adams County Literacy Council (ACLC) has been in existence for over 30 years! Please help to keep us around for another 30! Thank you!

To order an ACLC mask, please visit the link below:
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