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Changes in state and national politics bring out two new Democratic candidates for state office

As voters receive their mail-in ballots and begin to fill them out, two last-minute Democratic write-in candidates are hoping for their support.

Marty Qually has asked voters to write in his name as a candidate for Representative in the General Assembly 91st District, a position currently held by Dan Moul.

qually critz

Mark Critz has asked voters to write in his name as a candidate for Representative in Congress 13th District, a position currently held by John Joyce. 

If the candidates receive enough votes they will represent the Democratic Party on the ballot in the November election.

Both men, who have each been candidates in prior elections, said they have put their names forward at this late date because they see what’s happening now with respect to limiting or eliminating rights (women’s rights, voters’ rights, educators’ rights and many more). 

In both cases the candidates are facing difficult odds because the Republican incumbents have a significant voter registration edge in their respective districts. But Qually and Critz say they are willing to challenge those incumbents, even though they had not planned to do so four months ago when nominating petitions were circulated, as they observe what’s currently happening on state and national levels.

Mark Critz, currently the Western Regional Director and Executive Director of the state Rural Development Council, is a former U.S. Representative for Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District, having served from a special election in May 2010 until January 2013.  Critz served 1-1/2 terms as congressman in the Johnstown area, which (as the result of redistricting) is now part of our local congressional district.

Marty Qually, currently an Adams County Commissioner, said he had been encouraged to run for state representative over the past two days. “If the public wants me to run for state representative, then they must get me on the ballot,” he said.

“If I receive the nomination, I will do my best to shed light on the incumbent’s record of voting against women and highlight how we need to redouble our efforts to protect a woman’s access to safe, legal, and accessible healthcare, address paid family leave, pre-and post-natal care, and pay equity.  For too long men in power have dictated how woman are expected to live.  In America we believe in freedom and woman deserve the same freedom as men over their own bodies.”

“If I receive the nomination, I will share additional stances, so that the residents of the district can see where the incumbent and I differ on topics such as election reform, the need for improved rural broadband, and a host of issues that have been ignored by the current incumbent,” said Qually.

“I didn’t ask for this fight, I didn’t want this fight but the fight is here: the fight is now,” he said.

Featured image: Marty Qually (L.) and Mark Critz.

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Leticia B
Leticia B
2 years ago

Thank you for support women’s rights

Jim Richardson
Jim Richardson
2 years ago

Thank you for taking on the burden of challenging those guys with tunnel vision and being willing to deal with important issues!

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