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Cindy Keeney wins Gettysburg Connection Community Contributor Award

Former Adams County Victim Witness Assistance Program Director Cindy Keeney has won the Gettysburg Connection Community Contributor Award for her work supporting crime victims in Adams County.

After 25 years in the program, Keeney retired earlier this month to help run Fairfield’s Mansion House 1757 with her husband George.

Cindy Keeney

Keeney also served on the county’s Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) board of directors and the Children and Youth Services (CYS) advisory board.

In her work, Keeney helped thousands of people who were victims of crimes with support of all types.

To learn more about Cindy’s work, please listen to our podcast interview with her.

“Cindy was always doing things in the community to give victims a voice, and always going above and beyond, making sure that the victims are heard,” said CYS Director Sarah Finkey. “She went to court hearings to support people who needed her in the courtroom.”

“She was involved in forensic child abuse interviews and went out in the community supporting the advocacy center,” she said. 

“Cindy cares about the people of Adams County and has the youth of the county in her heart,” said Finkey.  “We worked together on a pajama drive for kids in the county, collecting donations so that kids would have pajamas.”

“Cindy’s long-term body of work, supporting victims of crime in our community, is both notable and very much appreciated. The Director of Adams County Victim/Witness is a job that has a low profile with high impact. Cindy leaves behind a strong department and a job well done,” said County Commissioner Randy Phiel.

“Cindy has a gift for connecting people and speaking up for those who need help. She’s a beautiful community member all along,” said CAC Executive Director Elida Murray. “Cindy was on the board when I joined, and she went out of her way to give me resources and advice.”

“I always felt I could just pick up the phone and talk to her. She’s just such a gracious person,” said Murray.

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Patti Robinson
Patti Robinson
2 years ago

Congratulations Cindy! Well deserved! I enjoyed the podcast too! Best wishes to you with the Mansion House!

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