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Commissioners Approve Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month and Corrections Officers and Employee Week

Adams County Prison inmates will be helped in their quest to gain employment upon their release through a new program approved by the Adams County Commissioners. The program helps inmates apply for and receive a valid Photo ID, driver’s license, or photo camera card prior to their release from jail.

“This program will help alleviate barriers and remove challenges for inmates seeking approval as a job search candidate in the community re-entry center, and recently released inmates attempting to obtain gainful employment following release, and inmates setting up travel options at time of release including bus/train travel,” said prison warden Katy Hileman.

The commissioners also joined the state and federal governments by approving May 2 through 8, 2021 as Corrections Officers and Employee Week.  Hileman said she is proud of the prison employees for their “willingness to adapt and hard work. Saying corrections work isn’t for everyone, Hileman added “it is a career, a professional opportunity, and we have extreme confidence in the employees.”

The commissioners also approved May as Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. The proclamation said the A Brotherhood Aimed Toward Education program (ABATE) works with the public, riders and non-riders, as well as the schools, to provide information on rider education, civil rights, rider awareness, and motorcycle safety awareness.

During public comment, Carol Miller, an Adams County Resident, asked the commissioners to look further into the separation of employment numbers at the Adams County Adult Correctional Complex. Miller spoke on a personal note, explaining she worked in corrections and respected the work of the employees. “Adams County Adult Correctional Complex shows separation with upper ranking managers. This is specifically concerning after the attempted suicide by an inmate. This should not happen in a successfully run jail…someone has been harmed. Someone didn’t do the job they were hired to do. Going forward, I hope the Commissioners will have a very serious discussion and a plan will be developed to address this serious issue,” said Miller.

Reminder from the commissioners: Friday May 14th, is the Mercy House ribbon cutting ceremony. The brief ceremony will begin at noon. Then tours of the facility will be given until 4:00 p.m. There will also be Narcan distribution on site.

Ellen Dayhoff, Rural Resource Manager, recommended the approval of the appointment of two Board Members on the Agricultural Land Preservation Board to complete 3-year terms replacing Deb Kammerer and Wayne Smith. Dayhoff thanked Kammerer for her 22 years of service and Smith for his 13 years of service. Dayhoff said there were multiple candidates and she was impressed with the amount of interest in this important Board. Dayhoff named George Weikert and Ben Mearns as new Board members. They were unanimously approved by the commissioners.

Commenting on the county’s electronic device recycling program, Dayhoff said  “We work with about 22 municipalities on their waste contracts. We have 17 municipalities that take what we call “covered devices’, such as TVs, phones, and computers. One of the municipalities has a drop off service and one provides funding for a once a year program. We are one of the only counties in Pennsylvania that addresses covered devices through our waste services. We see this as the way to be sustainable.”

She also noted that a new service with a small hauler will be happening in New Oxford. “Overall, Adams County has these programs available to most residents. Call your municipality to find out specific details. There is also the option to drop off in Franklin and Cumberland County, for a fee, because we have a contract with them to further support Adams County residents to properly dispose of covered devices.”

Dayhoff said Adams County is already doing a great job of disposal and they are still striving to do better as municipalities contracts come up for change.

The Planning Department recommended amending proposal “Emergency Solutions Grant Funds” with the PA Department of Community & Economic Development in the amount of $340,732.00 by re-allocating $100,000.00 from Homeless Prevention to Emergency Shelter Costs and re-allocating $17,000 from Homeless Prevention to Rapid Rehousing. Due to COVID-19, these funds will be better used in the areas suggested. All 3 commissioners approved.

The Planning Department went on to ask for an Information Request to be submitted to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). They went on to state the initiative is to reduce landfill waste by composting the food waste. They first worked with the schools and now have a pilot plan with the Adams County Adult Correctional Complex. This is important because food waste creates methane gas, a potent greenhouse gas, in landfills. It also reduces the cost of trash/waste removal. Commissioners approved.

Other Approved Recommendations:

  • Court- $141,338.98 for five (5) year lease, maintenance and licensing of various audio/visual hardware and software products for the upgrade in four (4) courtrooms
  • Children & Youth Services- asked for approval to extend contracts for 2021 and 2022 with the following agencies
    • Alternative Behavior Consultants
    • Cameron Rommer Comprehensive Counseling Services, LLC
    • Easter Seals Interpreting Services
    • Gettysburg’s Growing Place
    • PA Elite All Star Gym Inc
    • Pennsylvania Counseling Services, Inc
    • PivotStone Group, LLC
    • YWCA Gettysburg & Adams County
  • Planning Department- Community Development Block Grant-CV
    • $15,113.00 – provision of COVID-19 education, prevention and treatment by Keystone Rural Health Services.
    • $121,132.00 -delivery of rent, mortgage, and utility assistance by PA Interfaith Community Programs, Inc.
  • Office of Budget & Purchasing- $47,786.00 total for 5 year lease of 2022 Ford F-250 XL 4×4 Super Cab with High Performance Trip Edge plow.
  • Information Technology
    •  $135.00 per hour for allows Adams County to leverage Global Data Consultants LLC (GDC) services to aid County IT efforts in migrating 0365 to the cloud an in assisting to keep the network up.
    • $8,900.00 annual support fee for 2021 that allows the County to leverage County Commissioner Association of Pennsylvania (CCAP) IT resources including website framework and training resources.
    • $995.00 one year contract for maintenance of the Hardware Shredder Machine which shreds computer hard drives.
  • Human Resources
    • $5,890.00 May 17, 2021 to Aug. 22, 2021 to advertise County employment opportunities on digital and print billboards.
    • Adams County Compensation Plan for Children & Youth Services Employees for 2021, effective January 1, 2021 for submission to the PA Department of Human Services
  • Commissioners Office-
    • Bid ratified not to exceed $5,000.00 for professional civil engineering services to paint the Water Tower in Straban Township.
    • Total of $30,00.00 for Revision 1 proposal by C.S. Davidson Inc for the oversight of roof of the Human Services Building and the installation of a rooftop solar array.
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Jenine Weaver is a staff writer for the Connection. She grew up and currently resides in Adams County PA. She is the founder of Weaver Accounting Solutions LLC and a mom of 4 children. She enjoys being involved with the community, the school, town meetings, local fundraisers, and she is an advocate of social justice with Voices Unite in GAC.

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