Count Your College Kids in the Right Place!

Hi Adams County neighbors!

If your college students are home because their school closed due to COVID-19, please make sure you know where to count them on the 2020 Census.

Since they are home only because their school closed, they should still be counted “where they usually live and sleep most of the time.” This means, since they were supposed to be at school, they should be counted there.

If they were in a dorm or in university-owned housing, you do not need to count them on your 2020 Census form and they don’t need to count themselves. The school counts them.

If they were in off-campus housing, they need to take the census on their own and use their off-campus address.

If parents or guardians have already counted their college student at home, it is OK. We have processes in place to deal with situations where a student is counted more than once.

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