County Commissioners Award Grants to Benefit Outdoor Recreation and Mercy House

The Adams County Commissioners last week approved over $100,000 in grants to assist local municipal parks as well as the Gettysburg Pedestrian-Bicycle Inner Loop project.

The specific awards were for the following:

  • Gettysburg Inner Loop-Phase B2 – $25,000.00
  • Freedom Township Municipal Park- Phase 1 – $25,000.00
  • Straban Township Recreation Playground Equipment – $25,000.00
  • Gettysburg Area Recreation Authority (GARA) Restroom Renovation – $6,815.10
  • Hamiltonban Community Park Stage III – $25,000.00

The commissioners noted the GARA Restroom Renovations are badly needed and the grant will cover all the bathrooms in the park.

The commissioners also approved a commercial property lease agreement with Substance Abuse Services Inc for drop-in addiction services at the Gettysburg Mercy House. The property at 45 West High Street has a 10-year lease with a base annual rent of $24,000 for the first five years and $36,000 yearly for the remaining five years. The commissioners noted this is a benefit to the community as well as to the county since it is bringing in rent.

The commissioners also approved a resolution expressing the county’s intention to work with neighboring counties to “improve public transit for the betterment of the general health, safety, and welfare of the people”. It was noted a new joint municipal transportation authority is needed.

Also approved was a request from the Prothonotary for a new e-filing system that has no cost to the county and an addendum to the Teleosoft Master Agreement that was signed by the board at the last meeting. The additional cost to integrate the new system is $16,102 for the license and holds a yearly fee of $2,590.00.

The commissioners also approved $1050 in adoption assistance requested by the Department of Children and Youth Services for a child they say has been in a happy home for three years, and added a stabilization and reunification service contract to the service agreement with Hempfield Behavioral Health, Inc., which was signed by the board Aug. 12, 2020. The cost is $625 per week.

The commissioners approved a recommendation from the Department of Planning for $61,878 in  translation services with Language Line Services Inc.

Other approved Recommendations:

  • Information Technology- $239 for one year license for Cisco Threat Defense Software.
  • Emergency Services- $23,669.32 for CenturyLink upgrade VESTA SMS text-to-911
  • Emergency Services- $8,950.00 for one year agreement to upgrade the Public Safety Answering Points to accommodate text-to-911.
  • Human Resources- asked for two Group Dental Plans from Sun Life Assurance Company.
  • Human Services Plan- asked to approve the revision 2019-2020 Human Services Development Plan and Homeless Assistance Plan for the Final Income & Expenditure Report due to reporting the interest earned in the revenue column.
  • Commissioner’s Office- approved Salary increase of 2% in years 2024 to 2027.
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Jenine Weaver is a staff writer for the Connection. She grew up and currently resides in Adams County PA. She is the founder of Weaver Accounting Solutions LLC and a mom of 4 children. She enjoys being involved with the community, the school, town meetings, local fundraisers, and she is an advocate of social justice with Voices Unite in GAC.

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