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County Commissioners Sign Vaccine Center Agreement, Approve Thaddeus Stevens Statue Wayside Area

The Adams County Commissioner’s Office has ratified an agreement to cooperate with Wellspan Health on the Community Vaccination site at the EMS Center. The Agreement was executed about March 15, 2021.

Commissioner Randy Phiel stated he “could not be prouder of the collaboration” and that at this time “nothing is more important.” Phiel thanked County Manager Steve Nevada, EMS Center Director Warren Bladen, and County Solicitor Molly Mudd, for their dedication.

Commissioner Jim Martin said county residents need to continue using caution, “This is not the end of the line. This is the beginning of the end.” Martin mentioned the rise in cases in Pennsylvania and a flat line, not a decrease, in our small portion of Pennsylvania. “We need to continue to be safe,” he said.

The commissioners also approved a memorandum of understanding with the Thaddeus Stevens Society for the installation of a Thaddeus Stevens Statue and Wayside on County property in 2022. The location is to be determined by the Commissioners.

Thaddeus Stevens was a successful lawyer in Gettysburg in the early 19th century. He was an abolitionist who fought against the disenfranchisement of African Americans. Later, he moved to Maryland where he was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives and he played a part in the Underground Railroad.

Commenting on the recommendation, Phiel said “When we think of famous people from Adams County, we think of Abraham Lincoln and Eisenhower, but no doubt, Thaddeus Stevens is a son of Adams County. It seems appropriate to honor this request.”

Also approved was a memorandum of understanding from Children & Youth Services (CYS). The agreement allows children in foster care to attend their home school even if the new home is in a different district. The cost of transportation is split between the home school, the live-in district, and CYS. CYS Administrator Sarah Finkey said “When children go into foster care, they face many losses. They are going through enough changes. This aims to keep stability.”

The commissioners approved an offer letter from Ag Land Preservation to preserve the Resh Farm XIII-33. The farm is located near the County line in Huntington Township. The farm is 130.36 acres at $2,322.00 an acre or $302,695.92. The Resh’s have preserved over 600 acres in Adams County.

The Department of Emergency Services recommended a 5-year contract with Medical Priority Consultants Inc. to make upgrades that help dispatchers accurately route calls to the proper emergency responders. The cost of the first year is $236,576.00. The subsequent four years is $25,200.00 per year. After noting the cost sounds high but the payoff is worth it, all three of the commissioners voted to approve the recommendation.

The Commissioners approved the amendment to the Adams County COVID-19 Paid Leave Policy. The amendment extends COVID-19 paid leave benefits to County employees from March 31, 2021 to June 30, 2021. The Commissioner’s noted this is not a mandated benefit, but it is a needed advantage.

Other Approved Recommendations:

  • District Attorney- No cost to the county. Contract with SAVIN, for one year Maintenance and Service Agreement. Provides criminal justice notification information for victims and residents of the County. 
  • Tax Services- $75.00 per search. Approximately 60 searches (possible total $4,500). Adams Abstract Associates, Inc. for land title searches.
  • Tax Services- Personal Tax Exemption Request: One denied for being over income limits, Ten approved.
  • Tax Services- Disabled Veterans Real Property Tax Exemption Certification Request: Two approved.
  • Adams County Correctional Complex- $950.00 for 30 day contract with William Hoak, Radiation Safety Consultant for annual radiation safety evaluation of Tek84 Body Scanner plus Radiation Safety Training. 
  • Information Technology- $2,225.40 for one year. Tri-County Electrical Contractors for Cell Phone Booster to increase cell phone reception on lower floors of the court house.
  • Information Technology- $4,141.80 for cell phone signal boosting equipment from SureCall Green Air Tech Solutions.
  • Commissioner’s Office- Advertise the Adams County Water Tower Exterior Repainting Project to accept bids by 8:00am on May 19, 2021.
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Jenine Weaver is a staff writer for the Connection. She grew up and currently resides in Adams County PA. She is the founder of Weaver Accounting Solutions LLC and a mom of 4 children. She enjoys being involved with the community, the school, town meetings, local fundraisers, and she is an advocate of social justice with Voices Unite in GAC.

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