Deb Adamik Reminisces about 14 Years at the Helm of Main Street Gettysburg [Episode 48]

If you have lived or visited Gettysburg or Adams County over the past 15 or so years I’m sure you’ve noticed some major changes.

These developments, which have enriched the lives of thousands of people in the county, include the establishment of the Wills House, the remodeling and reopening of the Gettysburg Majestic Theater, revitalizations of Baltimore and Steinwehr Avenues, a successful 150th remembrance of the Civil War battle, and the establishment of the annual Gettysburg Christmas Festival.

Although hundreds of people have been involved in making these things happen, a common voice in all of these projects has been Deb Adamik, who has been president and chief executive officer, of Main Street Gettysburg since 2007.

Adamik is retiring in the next few weeks and it seemed an appropriate time to ask her to reflect on her 14 years making positive changes for the borough and the county.

I learned many new things about the development of our area in the podcast and I expect you will too.

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Musical Introduction by Thane Pittman.

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LS McLeod-Simmons
LS McLeod-Simmons
3 years ago

Nice article. Podcast was interesting and informative. Thanks.

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