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Democrats March in Gettysburg for Their Candidates

About 75 people as well as others who joined in the march as it passed through the historic Lincoln Square, united in support of Democratic candidates on Sunday afternoon.

U.S. Congressional candidate Todd Rowley (photographed holding the Todd Rowley for Congress signs in the photo gallery) joined in, after hosting campaign events in McConnellsburg and Chambersburg earlier in the day.

Marchers reported receiving many positive responses along the route and participants stayed nearly an hour on the Square, enjoying the beautiful fall weather and the welcome of passersby.

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Charles Stangor is Gettysburg Connection's Publisher and Editor in Chief.

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  • While marching and while hanging out on the square a bit, we received many many more expressions of appreciation and support with happy waving and honks and thumbs up than we did of the few and far between negative responses. The negative feedback from a few people driving by were yelling out their car windows “Trump 2020” and a few curse words towards us. Also a few folks showed us a thumbs down or flipped us off.

    One pick up truck chose to drive around square and returned again about four times while we were there. The pick up truck had about four different flags in the back including a Trump flag and then a flag that I found really odd. Half of the flag was the American flag and the other half faded into the Confederate flag. I thought to myself, “Now wait a minute, there is only one flag of the U.S.A. and I do not agree with the Confederate flag being mixed with or flown with the American flag. The Confederate Army chose to leave the U.S. and fight against us. They seceded and wrote their own constitution and created a new flag for “their” States. They also ended up losing the war so there’s that.

    One can claim the Confederate flag is “heritage” which I don’t believe in and I’m from the South originally, but ok I’ll give you that. But why take the Confederate flag and literally mix it in with our U.S.A. flag? Half and Half rebel flag is apparently what’s it’s called. It’s a disgrace and also against U.S. flag code.

    The American flag should not be altered in appearance; To do so is a violation of US Flag code which states: The flag of the United States shall be thirteen horizontal stripes, alternate red and white; and the union of the flag shall be fifty stars, white in a blue field.

    I guess I just don’t understand why any U.S. citizen would support and fly a flag like that.
    Overall, though, Sunday was a great night and many people walking by and driving by showed their appreciation for the peaceful march.

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