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Dozens of new apartments and an indoor farmers market/food court to be built in Gettysburg

In the largest development project in Gettysburg for many years, a four story apartment complex on top of a retail food court is expected to be built on the 2- acre Gettysburg Station site between Carlisle and Stratton Streets in Gettysburg.

A proposed design for the project will be presented to the five-member Gettysburg Planning Commission as early as their next meeting, scheduled for March 21.

The developer is Timothy Harrison from TCH Realty & Development Co., LLC. Harrison said he has had plenty of experience in retail development including over 30 projects with a total size of over 4 million square feet. Harrison developed the Capital City Mall in Harrisburg and other projects in Cumberland County.

Harrison said he was excited about the project.  “It’s a wonderful community. This I just the kind of project I like to do,” he said. Harrison said his feasibility analysis had shown the site to be a “very good one.”

“We want a project that works with the community. I want to make sure the people who live there like what I’m doing,” he said. “I mostly did retail but there is little demand for retail projects these days. I had to learn how to do something new.”

Harrison said there would likely be between 70 and 100 rental apartments, with a combination of one, two and three bedroom units. Pricing on the apartments is not yet known, but would be based on market rate.

Harrison purchased the property for $1 million in 2021 after it had been readied for development by the Adams Economic Alliance and other organizations.

Harrison said he would be presenting a concept sketch plan and renderings to the planning commission and then to the borough council, and that he was looking forward to hearing comments and suggestions from borough officials and other residents. “I want to be sure that people who live in Gettysburg like what I’m doing.  If not, I have to correct it,” he said.

The proposal for the first floor retail area includes an indoor farmers market/food hall. Harrison said it would be a place where people could buy perishable and non-perishable groceries and where there would be space to eat the produce that’s being sold and potentially have a glass of wine.

Harrison said the Adams County Farmers Market had been given permission to use the site at least for the first months of their 2022 season.

Harrison said he expected it would take a year or more for the approval process and that construction might start some time in 2023.

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Julie A Kress
Julie A Kress
1 month ago

I’d like to see an amtrak station nearby and not just more retail and housing. It’s a fine location, giving a train was already operational here in the past. Retail and housing can be incorporated just like other stations.

Roger Lund
Roger Lund
1 year ago

This is terrific news for the businesses in downtown Gettysburg. Perhaps we will not need to try so much on the tourist market if there is stronger residential presence downtown. I am quite sure the known defects to the area will be addressed and appropriate parking will be built into the plan. 70 to 100 apartments: Wow…. terrific news!

Sharron Michels
Sharron Michels
1 year ago

As a matter of clarification I thought that I read that the project was awarded for a mixed use, low density project? Would adding 70 to 100 apartments to that location be considered low density? The amount of proposed apartments with full time residents brings up issues of infrastructure, at least in my mind. For instance the amount of traffic and parking generated by 70 to 100 apartments could be considerable. I am not sure what street and traffic improvements would be made to accommodate this? Also with a considerable storm water management problem in this area having open water… Read more »

Andrea Theisson
Andrea Theisson
1 year ago

Excellent response, Sharron! Your questions and concerns echo the thoughts of many of us, who know the area and have hoped for a thoughtful and sustainable use for this plot. Meanwhile, I applaud the developer giving permission for the Farmers’ Market to continue there…that has been delightful!

1 year ago

Great news!

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