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Shapiro, Fetterman win; Republicans carry county races


  • Josh Shapiro has defeated Doug Mastriano in the PA Gubernatorial race.
  • John Fetterman has defeated Mehmet Oz in the PA Senate race.

fetterman shapiro

Countywide results:

The Adams County election results are complete (but still unofficial) with all 50 Adams County precincts reporting both in-person and mail votes.

Write-in votes will be tallied later in the week.

County voters favored Republicans Oz and Mastriano in the Senate and Governor races.

Republicans John Joyce, Dan Moul, and Torren Ecker have won their races.

United States Senator

John Fetterman (D)                             15,978

Mehmet Oz (R)                                  28,971

Governor, Lt. Governor

Shapiro/Davis (D)                                 18,709
Mastriano/DelRosso (R)                      26,762

Representative in Congress, 13th District

John Joyce (R)  34,876

Write-in votes                                          3,294

Representative in the General Assembly 91st District

Marty Qually (D)                                   9,954

Dan Moul (R)                                        18,941

Click here for the full county report.

Click here for the country report by precinct.

Featured Image Caption: PA Sen. elect John Fetterman (left) and PA Gov. Elect Josh Shapiro

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Mary Diner
Mary Diner
1 year ago

It was nice to see Oz conceding instead of denying the vote. I hope the R’s realize that Trump is a drag on their party. I hope the D’s don’t think Biden is their man in ’24 either. Just once I would like to go to the polls without holding my nose.

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