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Free vaccine clinic brings out a crowd at the annual Winter Fiesta

The Pennsylvania Department of Health sponsored a free vaccine clinic on Friday evening and, according to an organizer, 77 doses of Covid and flu vaccines were administered, including 28 given to pediatric patients.

Parents and children came to the clinic as part of the annual Winter Fiesta held on the Gettysburg College campus.

Speaking at an event earlier in the day to promote the clinic, PA Physician General Dr. Denise Johnson said the Covid vaccine “protects against disease and hospitalization.”

Johnson said progress was being made on combatting Covid.  “We’re in a different place that we were last year.  We’ve come a long way but we still have a long way to go. The acute phase of the pandemic is far from over,” she said.

Speaking about pediatric vaccines, Johnson said inoculating children 5 years of age and over “helps the community, helps the parents, and helps the kids.”

Johnson said the Covid vaccine was free and effective and “keeps kids safe and allows them to participate in activities.”

Johnson said the state was working to make vaccines as accessible as possible. “Your best protection for yourself and your community is to get those vaccines,” she said.

Johnson also expressed concern about flu, saying there were currently more cases this year than there were during the same period in 2019. Johnson recommended getting a flu vaccination.

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