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Gettysburg Borough Council Praises Main Street Director Deb Adamik, Gettysburg Police Force

On the occasion of her retirement, Gettysburg Borough councilmember Patti Lawson reviewed many of Main Street Gettysburg’s Deb Adamik’s accomplishments during her fourteen years as President and Chief Executive Officer. Lawson said Adamik’s achievements included the creation of the Wills House, the coordination of the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg battle, leadership on the Steinwehr Ave. reconstruction project, and creation of the Long, Long, Long, Long Dinner party and the Gettysburg Christmas Festival.

Lawson said Adamik’s mantra is “If we can come together as a community we can accomplish anything.” 

For More about Deb Adamik and her Career at Main Street Gettysburg, Please see our Podcast Interview with her.

“You’re such a wonderful person.  You’re one of my favorite people in the world. You were an amazing leader,” said councilmember Chris Berger.

“There will be big shoes to fill when you leave and you’ll be missed considerably,” said Gettysburg Major Ted Streeter.

Adamik thanked borough manager Charles Gable, saying “It was a pleasure to work with this community.”

Adamik will be replaced by incoming Director Jill Sellers.  Saying the transition was going smoothly, Sellers said “I’m excited to be in this position. Main St. has survived COVID, but barely.”  Sellers said some grant money was in the works and that the Long Dinner Party and the Christmas Festival were under consideration for 2021.

Police Recognition

Glenny said he was very proud of the police work done after the shooting that occurred early in the morning on March 11 in the parking lot of the Members First Credit Union, 105 Chambersburg St. “We went from very little information to having that actor in custody with some impressive teamwork from the staff that was on duty that day within hours. In all honesty, one of the best I’ve seen in my 30-plus years. It just went very smoothly. It points to the professionalism of the officers we have.” said Glenny.

Glenny said police dogs were used to locate spent bullet casings and that the fire department helped provide lighting during the search.  Glenny also thanked the county sheriff’s office.

Berger said he agreed with Glenny’s assessment of the excellence of the work following the shooting “We get a steady diet of negative stories about the police and here is a really positive story,” he said.

Several other council members also praised the police department’s work.

Glenny said the gun used in the shooting was not obtained inappropriately but that the person who used it was not legally allowed to have it.

Glenny said the force was also actively assessing speeds on roads entering the borough. He said officers had clocked the speeds of over 300 vehicles on Baltimore St. and that the fastest clocked was 34 m.p.h. Cars entering the borough on Buford Ave. was a different story, he said, with several citations issued for vehicles traveling more than 15 miles per hour over the speed limit.

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