Gettysburg Considers safety changes to Racehorse Alley; seeks zoning volunteers

Borough Engineer Chad Claybaugh said the borough was working with a traffic consultant to create a design to make Racehorse Alley safer and more accommodating for bicycles and pedestrians.

Claybaugh said a number of options were being considered, including the possibility of making the alley one-way between Buford and Washington Streets. The alley is already being used by pedestrians and bicycles, as well as cars.

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Claybaugh said the changes were also expected to reduce the number of people taking shortcuts through the alley and prevent traffic backups.

Claybaugh said there were many variables to take into consideration and that he was reaching out to businesses and other residents along the alley. “The goal is to retrofit an existing unsafe condition,” he said. “There are more questions than answers at this point.”

Volunteers Needed

The borough is looking for volunteers from the community to help make zoning decisions over the next months.

The borough has allocated funding for a new rezoning effort, and the project requires a steering committee that would be meeting for between 6 and 8 months starting in April. 

The committee would meet during the day once a month for about 90 minutes and would include members from borough staff and other borough organizations.

The borough also hopes to have 3 or 4 members from the public joining the committee. People interested in serving on the committee are asked to apply to the borough by March 17.

GMA Reports

Mark Guise from the Gettysburg Municipal Authority gave an update on current projects in the borough.

Guise said construction on the new water tower behind Giant has finished and the elevated 1.5 million gallon tank has been in service for the past 9 months. The existing tank next to it will be removed once the cell phone equipment has been transferred to the new tank.

Guise said the new tank provides more emergency storage and that the borough now has 2.2 million gallons of usable storage — up from 1.6 million before the construction.

Next up on the docket is the rehabilitation of a tank located at 770 Baltimore St., which will occur over the summer. An older tank at that location will be removed.

Guise said the borough will be opening a new well south of Gettysburg off Sachs Rd. “The aquifer is good,” he said. The well is expected to provide at least 300 gallons of water per minute. A new water main will be constructed to the site.

Guise said the state provided guidelines about how much water could be drawn from the new well.

Guise said permitting was close to being completed for the installation of new sewer lines on the west side of the borough.

Gettysburg Garden Club MOU

The borough has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Gettysburg Garden Club to provide flowers and hanging baskets in and around Lincoln Square during the summer months.

Gettysburg Garden Club president Maryan Daniels said her organization had taken on the work in 2008 and that they had struggled financially in the beginning. “It’s an expensive project; about $10,000 per year,” she said.

Daniels said the club was now able to keep the project going thanks to donations that come from the Adams County Giving Spree held in November. The club said donations to the Garden Club go to the downtown flower project. “The Giving Spree has really made this project,” she said.

Daniels said she expects the downtown flower project will be self-supporting. “Our goal is that these flowers will be here forever.”

Daniels said the club cared for 48 baskets and 8 planters.

The borough will begin work on revising its employee handbook, which hasn’t been updated since 2009.  One idea is to create a mission/vision statement for the borough. The process is expected to take several months.


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Arthur House
Arthur House
1 year ago

I am dismayed that Gettysburg Borough Council is again considering various complicated alternatives for the wholly unnecessary conversion of Racehorse Alley to one-way traffic west of Washington Street. A resident for 20 years, I use the alley on an almost daily basis (in both directions) to avoid traffic and time-wasting stop lights on Chambersburg Street. In those 20 years, I have never been involved in or witnessed an accident of any kind, nor seen a pedestrian or cyclist endangered or inconvenienced. I have also used the alley on numerous occasions on my own bicycle without the slightest difficulty.  In the… Read more »

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