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Gettysburg council members urge public to support local radar law

Responding to complaints of speeding from a resident who lives on N. 4th St., the members of the Gettysburg Borough Council urged residents to contact their local state representatives to pass a bill that would authorize local police to use radar for speed enforcement.

Pennsylvania is the only state that does not allow local radar although it is routinely used by State Police on State highways. Police forces from around the state have expressed support for the bill arguing they are constrained in their ability to monitor speeding in local residential zones and roads where accidents are likely.

If passed, the bill would limit the amount of funds a municipality can receive from traffic tickets and require officers to receive training in using radar technology.

The bill was passed by the state senate in June on a 49 to 1 vote, and is now under consideration by the state house transportation committee.

The borough encouraged residents to contact representative Dan Moul and senator Doug Mastriano and ask them to support the bill.

Police Chief Robert Glenny said the bill is “much closer now” to passing than it ever has been but that the final outcome was uncertain.

If the bill does not pass this session it will have to start over again after the first of the year.

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  • I don’t care how they stop the speeding, but please stop the speeders! Every single day I see cars, trucks, big rigs, etc. speeding by my front window here on East Middle Street. Children walk to and from school on these streets. Put a speed hump across from the Culp Farm. Do something before something tragic happens!

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