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Gettysburg Hospital Thrift Shop will close

The Gettysburg Hospital Auxiliary Thrift Shop on Gettysburg Square will close in its current location as of August 31. Future plans are still up in the air.

“WellSpan Gettysburg Hospital and the Gettysburg Hospital Auxiliary have made the difficult decision to end the lease of the Gettysburg Hospital Auxiliary Thrift Shop located at 10 Lincoln Square in Gettysburg, effective Aug. 31, 2022,” said Wellspan Communications Director Jason McSherry. “Hospital and auxiliary leaders are currently discussing future options for the thrift store and we will share more details as they are finalized,”

The shop has been a gathering place for Gettysburg Hospital Auxiliary volunteers and community shoppers since the 1920s and has provided important services to the community.

Thrift store employees said the shop was closing because the rent had increased substantially.

Regular local visitors to the shop, including countless college students, thrifty shoppers, and tourists, have found bargains in the store’s “gently used clothing.”

The shop’s eclectic selection, from board games to kitchen appliances to Christmas decorations to men’s and women’s clothes of every age and style, created a unique shopping experience for customers and brought in a revenue stream for the hospital.

The relaxed atmosphere has created a hub of community interaction, and the large display windows have provided a look into the past.

According to its website, the Gettysburg Hospital Auxiliary has donated over one million dollars to support the hospital, including donating equipment to the hospital, helping refurbish the hospital’s maternity wing and nursery, supporting health initiatives, redecorating the hospital lobby and common areas, and creating the meditation room at the WellSpan Adams Health Center.

The Auxiliary also awards an annual $2,000 scholarship to local students pursuing careers in health care. 

Auxiliary volunteers also operate the gift shop in the Gettysburg hospital.

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  • I like the Hospital Auxiliary Thrift Shop and they do great work, but I wonder if they would have been able to generate more revenue if they had modernized a little bit, such as the ability to accept credit/debit cards instead of being cash-only. Maybe this change will give them an opportunity to update their systems. I hope whatever goes in hay space will be equally beneficial to the community.

  • I am appalled that they would even be charged rent. Their gift to the community is huge. The landlord should be ashamed.

  • There are probably a thousand reasons why this wouldn’t work, but one of the only vacant retail spaces near downtown Gettysburg is the old Agway, now owned by Gettysburg College. It has much better parking than the Thrift Store’s current location, and the greater proximity to the College would make the shop even more attractive to students than it already has been. Would the College be willing to rent this space to the Gettysburg Hospital Foundation? (I know, I know: a thousand reasons….)

    • I thought the exact same thing – wondering if the old Agway would be an option. It would be ideal if at all possible.

  • The Thrift Shop could do a pop up stores for local Artisans. Sell crafts and historical stuff in many booths. This would help with the rent they wouldn’t have to move. Just condense. Just a thought. CW Sutlers come to town selling their wares a least twice a year. They need space.

  • Always stopped here when in town and always found some great clothes.
    Wondered how they could afford the prime location rent. I think they will do much better in another location and like the other commenter said, maybe upgrade to taking CC/debit cards. Loved the ladies in there.

  • This is the only thrift store in Gettysburg that I can find clothing in my size but haven’t had such luck at the Clothing Closet.

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