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Seeming to be as confused as the average Gettysburg resident about the April 1 trash hauler switchover from Waste Connections to Waste Management (WM), Gettysburg borough officials shared what little they knew about the procedures today.

Borough Manager Charles Gable reminded residents that according to state law the borough had been required to sign a contract with the “lowest responsive, responsible bidder,” and that the lowest bidder was WM.

The borough council unanimously voted for the change in February, but Gable said that was a “formal action” and had not influenced the forced decision.

Gable said Adams County had helped local municipalities in the bidding process in the past but for this round the borough was on its own when the county stopped helping.  He said the language in this round’s contracts was “almost verbatim” the same as those used in the past.

Gable said it was possible that Waste Connections had bid the contract assuming the cost of containers would be included in the monthly fee while Waste Management bid the contract assuming they could charge customers who wanted one for a container.

Gable said the service cost would be about $2.00 per month cheaper under WM for people who did not need a receptacle, but that the cost of a bin would be $4.00 per month, making it more expensive than Waste Connections for those who do.

The borough said residents on the regular monthly plan would be allowed to put out 3 trash bags, each 33 gallons or less in size, every week.

An option for those with smaller needs is to buy individual stickers that can be placed on each bag. WM said the first purchase of 12 bags is $20.00 and each subsequent bag is $4.00.

Gable said he did not know when receptacles might be delivered for those who requested them or what the status of recycling bins was.

In terms of payments, Gable said he thought autopayments at Waste Connections should automatically stop on April 1 but that he did not know if account information from Waste Connections would be transferred to Waste Management.

“WM has been noncommunicative on how they are going to resolve these issues,” he said. “Nobody knows anything.  It’s very frustrating.”

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  • Link to the state law? Hanover collects their own trash.

    You can’t expect a private company to be responsible for telling customers they’re no longer their company unless you have a contract saying they need to do so.

    And they CANNOT send customer payment info to another private company without permission from the customer.

    There’s a lot missing still in these articles. 🙁

  • It seems that an item by item comparison of the bids should have been done to see what was included and not included. Not rocket science.

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