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Gettysburg trash contract switchover from Waste Connections to Waste Management causes confusion

Gettysburg residents woke up yesterday morning to see their trash receptacles and recycling bins being taken away by the former trash contractor Waste Connections. 

The move is part of a switchover of contractors in which Waste Management (WM) will be the new provider as of April 1. The contract is for 3 years.

The Gettysburg borough council said residents should have received a mailing from WM explaining the new service, but many did not.

Residents are encouraged to call (800) 593-9529 or visit https://www.wm.com to set up a WM online account.

Residents reported long wait times to get a new account set up at WM. “It was hard to get registered.  I had to wait for an hour,” said a local resident.

Borough Manager Charles Gable said the borough was not responsible for the switchover and that residents should call WM to get information.  But borough council member Judie Butterfield warned the information provided by WM might be inaccurate.

It was not clear today if and when new receptacles would be delivered, and residents were planning to use bags during the week. Butterfield said she had contacted WM for information but they had not returned her call.

The switch from Waste Connections to WM was required by law when WM came in with a lower bid.

Butterfield said Waste Connections had provided excellent service and that the difference in the price was only about $2.

For more information about the WM contract, please click here.

Residents who have an autopay service with Waste Connections should call to have it cancelled. At least one resident reported cancelling the service on the Waste Connections website created an error and was not possible.

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Charles Stangor is Gettysburg Connection's Publisher and Editor in Chief.

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  • I opened my account yesterday and WM said they are not providing any receptacles. You need to provide your own. We should change the law!!!

  • Residents may not have recognized the WM mailing because it looks like another piece of junk mail. I found that WM still had my credentials from the last time they were our trash provider. Took me awhile to remember the old password, however! I’m looking forward to being able to recycle more plastic items.

    • I wish that had happened to me! They had none of my info and didn’t send any notice, even though I did have service with them last time they were the company here. I found out about the change when the old company took my cans away yesterday! Had to be on the phone for an hour to get new set up. I went to the website and it told me to call.

  • According to Gettysburg Times, WM was $2 less per month than WC, but WM did not include their $4 fee for tote rental that was included in the WC bid. So, we end up paying $2 more, not less, if we want a tote to put our trash into. Borough Manager Gable wrote “whether totes are in the contract or not does not matter to us”. Did he ask any residents about that? There is also clearly a cost associated with switchover that should be considered in future bid assessments. I’d pay the extra $24 a year to avoid this confusion, but apparently the council thinks its better to have us pay an extra $24 plus deal with the switchover confusion.

  • This new service might be a cheaper contract, however it’s the overage is being passed on to the residents.

  • Waste Management isn’t cheaper for the residents. Waste Connections charge was $46.01 per quarter (equals to $15.34 monthly). Waste Management is charging $22 plus change per month which is approximately $66 per quarter. Why is the borough allowed to dictate who is my waste collection service?

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