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Greetings from Mayor Frealing

My first month as Mayor of Gettysburg has been a busy one. Community safety is a top priority, and I have been working with the police department toward that end. I have spoken with each of the officers and spent a lot of time discussing department operations with Chief Glenny.

My goal of listening to the variety of people and organizations within Gettysburg led me to meet with student groups and the Eisenhower Institute at Gettysburg College, plus attend a meeting of the Adams County Transportation Planning Organization (ACTPO) which sets priorities for spending on infrastructure.  

To further promote Gettysburg, I have been in contact with the USS Gettysburg, the National Park Service, and Veterans’ organizations. As part of the learning curve, I attended a newly-elected local municipal officials’ boot camp training in January.

And I am of course continually working with the borough council members and borough staff.

I also am now a board member of the Pennsylvania Municipal League and an alternative board member for ACTPO.

Planning has begun for celebration of the 250th Anniversary of the United States of America in 2026. Gettysburg will play an important role in celebrating this marker of U.S. history. I remember someone saying in my younger days in Gettysburg, “The Union was born in Philadelphia, but it was preserved at Gettysburg.” 

I am enjoying being the mayor of Gettysburg, will work to be inclusive and transparent, and continue listening to all Gettysburg constituents.

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Rita Frealing is the mayor of Gettysburg.

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