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Healthy Adams County announces 4th Annual Ice Cream Walk

The Healthy Adams County Physical Fitness Task Force has announced its 4th Annual Ice Cream Walk Fundraiser, scheduled for Tuesday August 23.

The event occurs during the open hours of each of 8 participating downtown Gettysburg ice cream stores.  Tickets are $10 and are valid for one small (1.5 ounce) ice cream cone from any 5 of the 8 shops. 

The entire route is 2 miles long, but 5 stores can be visited within just one mile of walking. 

Proceeds support the free walks, hikes and 5K events sponsored by the taks force.

Tickets can be purchased at Mr. G’s Gift Shop after July 16until the day of the event, or until sold out. 

The task force thanks the participating ice cream shops for their generosity.

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