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How to Park in Downtown Gettysburg

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Both tourists and locals have to park in Gettysburg.  It’s definitely worth visiting and shopping downtown, so don’t let parking deter you. Downtown is the best part of Gettysburg and it’s easy to park.

I’ve lived here for 30 years and I rarely have trouble parking. But realize you might need to walk a block or two.

Unless you are a Gettysburg resident, and unless you park in the garage, your parking will technically be limited to three hours. If you’re at a meter and you need more time, come back and re-feed your meter. 

If you’re in a non-metered space you are limited to two hours unless you have a permit.

Meters are easy to use.  There are over 300 of them in the business district around the square.  If you drive a bit around the blocks near the square you’ll almost certainly find an open metered space.

You can use the parking app to pay at the meters, but the app is quirky.  You can’t buy less than one hour on the app, for instance.

It’s a lot easier to use quarters.  You’ll need 12 quarters to park for two hours near the square, however. Locals keep a stash of quarters in their car.

There is also a parking garage, located at 74 East Racehorse Alley, just behind the Gettysburg Hotel between Carlisle Street and North Stratton Street. You can park all day there and not worry about the two-hour limit.


Parking garage rates are cheaper — only $.75 per hour.

It’s easy to park in Gettysburg – enjoy your visit.

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  • Don’t go to downtown Gettysburg. Avoid at all cost. They have meter maids running around waiting to give you a parking ticket for being 4 minutes over. I was walking up to my car when the meter maid was walking away. It cost me $25 for being 4 minutes over. DO YOU WANT TO TAKE THAT CHANCE? Do not go to Gettysburg. Many other better options available…

    • Sorry that happened to you, but that’s the way it works in Gettysburg (and in most places I would say). If your meter expires you might get a ticket! If Gettysburg didn’t enforce its meters, no one would pay! Did you know you can park in the parking garage which is cheaper I think and allows you to pay for more than three hours?

    • I agree, Gettysburg is a horrible place to visit if you need to park, I went there twice and I got a ticket each time. It wasn’t cheap. I cannot believe how they treat tourists. I will never go back

      • Sally, I could not agree more. On July 20 my daughter and I received a parking ticket on the square for being 3-4 minutes over. Ironically, the only reason we parked at this specific location was because my daughter wanted to purchase some gifts from a local merchant around the corner. The cost to park, the amount and threatening tone of the violation itself are atrocious! Literally, just moments before reading the Violation I was thinking Gettysburg would be a great place for my military group to gather later this year for a reunion. Not only is that not going to happen, like yourself, I will never spend a cent in Gettysburg.

  • It was nice when the library handed out parking tokens. Maybe there is a way for local residents of the Gettysburg area to obtain special parking tokens. It seems to me the tourist trade and out of towners pay most of the parking meter fees. Just a thought.

    • I’m not sure the meters take tokens any more. Some businesses will give you a couple of quarters if you need them I think, but it’s not something they advertise. Something to keep in mind and thanks for your comments.

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