Hundreds of Adams County Volunteers Distribute Food During the Health Crisis

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Today I participated in a community conference call about food insecurity in the current time.

I learned that an army of local Adams County volunteers is helping provide food to hungry families during this health emergency.

The volunteers include those working with school districts, backpack programs, food pantries, and many, many other programs.

The list of people selflessly giving their time and money amazed me.

  • Volunteers from Waldo’s are helping pick up and deliver food in the county.
  • The backpack programs John’s Meals and Ruth’s Harvest continue to collect food and distribute it daily. At the same time they continue to search for bulk food donations.
  • Head Start is delivering thousands of meals to families with young children.
  • Each of our six school district distributes hundreds of lunches every week.
  • “Neighbors helping neighbors” Facebook pages have been created in the county.
  • Gettysburg Rising collected $3,000 in donations through a crowdsourcing campaign. With the money they bought $25 gift cards for local organizations which they are distributing to needy people in the county. “It’s not a ton of help but a little bit can go a long way,” said Gettysburg Rising spokesperson Jenny Dumont.
  • And much, much more.

One of the participants on the call said “people don’t realize who is bringing the food. And that it’s happening across the country.”

I also heard volunteers saying “people are hesitant to ask for help.” “We’re having problems getting the quantities we need.”

There is so much that needs to be done. If you wish to donate your time, please contact Yeimi Gagliardi at [email protected] or 717.337.4264 Ext. 6, or contact any of your local agencies.

If you are able to donate money, please consider Manos Unidas, SCCAP or the Gettysburg-Adams United Way.

And will you please help share this information with your neighbors?

Please stay safe everyone and thanks for your support.

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