Inaugural Eisenhower Historic Site Egg Roll will become an Annual Event

Despite the dreary weather on Saturday, over 450 children and adults attended the first-ever Easter Egg Roll at the Eisenhower National Historic Site.

It was fitting that the White House tradition of the Easter egg roll be held at the Eisenhower Site, because the Eisenhower family loved Easter.

160 eggs were rolled during the event.

The fun-filled event was co-hosted by the Gettysburg Foundation and supported by the Adams County Library System, Destination Gettysburg, and the Dwight D. Eisenhower Society.

While the house was not open for tours, children visited various educational, interactive stations set up throughout the yard. They were issued cards and could earn a stamp at each of the six stations. Visiting at least 4 stations, earning 4 stamps on their cards, awarded children the opportunity to decorate a wooden egg. Children kept their decorated eggs as mementos of their special day.

Another popular station was the putting green. The garage doors were open so visitors could view the Eisenhower’s cars.

Story times were held three times throughout the event.

The big turnout exceeded organizers’ and volunteers’ expectations and there are plans to host the event again next year, creating a tradition at the Eisenhower Historic Site. 

Many thanks go to the community organizations as well as 30 dedicated National Park volunteers who made it a memorable day.

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Amy is a freelance writer and reporter. She, her husband, and her two children reside in Adams County. She works in early childhood education and occupational therapy, and volunteers with local organizations.

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2 months ago

Pretty well kept secret.

Gettysburg Connection Admin
Gettysburg Connection Admin
2 months ago
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