Jan Powers makes a difference in Adams County [Episode 60]

Gettysburg Connection recently awarded long-time Gettysburg Resident Jan Powers with our Outstanding Community Contribution Award for her work with the Mediation Services of Adams County and other organizations.

In this episode I talk with Jan about her career at Gettysburg College and the many contributions she has made to our community.


In her work with mediation alone, hundreds of people have been trained and even more people have been helped.  And that is just the beginning of her contributions.

I was amazed by her productivity and generosity at so many levels and I think you will be too.

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Musical Introduction by Thane Pittman.

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Judy Jones
Judy Jones
2 years ago

Thank you and Janet Powers for this interview; it was truly lovely to hear her reminisce about her remarkably productive, mindful, happy life. Here’s hoping young people wondering about their futures will give a listen, as well; her life is confirmation that formal education is made all the more valuable when it goes hand in hand with travel to other countries, other parts of this country.

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