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Looking for Common Ground

It has been said this election is about the soul of our democracy. I would agree. The events of January 6, 2021 demonstrate how real the threat is to that “soul.”

I find there is no way to have a conversation with those who want to represent the other side of the issues.

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I view inflation and the higher cost of living as a global problem and the fallout of the pandemic, the supply and demand issues it created along with the job markets glut. Others would blame the Democratic administration who has only had a year and a half to address the quagmire of the previous administration’s work, or lack there of.

See what I mean, already the arguments against these comments are firing up.

We could move on to women’s rights and abortion, or, or, or… but we would find no common ground. Perhaps the same would be true on voting rights and redistricting and mail-in ballots, but where is the common ground?

Is there any?

I would contend that in the fog of debate over the issues there is one simple fact that we don’t have to agree upon, but is objectively verified by Republican, Democrat, and MAGA appointed judges, the stone-hard cold fact that the last presidential election was and is legitimate.

It has been tested and retested across the political battlefield by our court system over 60 times.

So, since this is the only hard, cold fact I can offer, I also believe it might be that patch of common ground. One little bit we might support together: agreeing that one person, one vote is the right of every U.S. citizen; agreeing this is the “soul of our democracy,” agreeing that anyone who would deny that to you and me should never hold a public office.

And here is the kicker, agreeing that anyone who is delusional enough to deny what over 60 court cases presided over by Republican, Democrat and MAGA appointed judges have found should most certainly never hold public office.

Or put another way, I would suggest that our common ground in the midst of all we can’t agree on, is to agree that no one denying the last presidential election should get even one of our votes.

It’s all I have. All the rest requires a politic that will work at the debate, compromise, and hard work good government demands.

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