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Masks and the Fight for Freedom

I’ve heard it said so many times that wearing a mask is an infringement
of our constitutional rights. I’m not sure which one since the framers of
the Constitution did not include anything so specific as mask wearing.
Over and over, I hear that Governor Wolf is a desperate, tyrannical
leader trying to strip away our rights by not allowing us to get haircuts,
go to stores, or go out to eat the way we want to. I actually feel that,
regarding masks, Governor Wolf is simply asking us to be more
considerate of, and helpful to, our fellow Pennsylvanians.

Let’s all remember that masks serve an actual purpose in this
pandemic. If YOU have COVID 19, even if you don’t know that you do,
a mask may prevent you from spreading the virus to others. The same
goes for all the other mask-wearers. It’s something we can do to try to
protect our fellow citizens. Purposely NOT wearing a mask is similar to
wearing a button that reads, “I don’t care about you.”

This simple act of wearing a mask has become politicized, spiritualized,
and personalized. I have been denigrated and judged on multiple
occasions for wearing mine. But someone needs to explain to me how
wearing a mask has “removed my constitutional rights.” Soldiers have
been trained with gas masks since World War I. They’ve carried them,
complained about them, and disliked them. But, they’ve worn them
because sometimes it’s necessary! Perhaps we need to think of these
pandemic masks in similar terms These masks do not remove our
freedoms; they are weapons for defending our freedom to live a healthy
life. If we all wear masks, we can get back to normal life more quickly,
save lives (many of them, according to experts), and see our economy
re-opening faster.

So please, enough of this “don’t wear a mask” nonsense (except for
rare and specific medical reasons!). The only way through this mess is
to get through this mess. We can’t wish it away. We can’t pretend that
COVID 19 does not exist. It does, and it has killed 138,000 Americans,
of all political parties, already. Let’s fight for freedom; let’s put those
masks on.

Rich Sterner, wearing a mask to fight for freedom.

Candidate for PA Senate District 33

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