Mr Gs changes owners but customers may not notice the change

Although the popular and iconic Mr. G’s Ice Cream and Gift shop, located at 404 Baltimore St., Gettysburg, has changed owners, it will continue its offerings in much the same form as it has for the past 11 years.

“I am not going to change what has been working for years,” said new owner Marc McLean, who purchased the shop from “Mr. G,” Mike Gladfelter, in February.

McLean said one of the conditions that came with the purchase was that the shop continue to employ the four women who make the famous ice cream. A second was that the Mr. G’s name wouldn’t be changed.

“I feel like Mike Gladfelter gave us his blessing to run Mr. G’s and for that reason I believe we will be successful,” said McLean

Marc McLean was approached last September with the opportunity to buy the store when Gladfelter ran into him out at dinner one night and dropped the news that he was selling. McLean was intrigued and decided to pursue the offer.

McLean is no stranger to the ice cream business – his parents have owned the Sunset Ice Cream Parlor on Steinwehr Ave since 2002 and he worked there in his youth. That experience gave Gladfelter the confidence to make the sale.

“My husband is always looking for something new to do. We were very lucky with the timing of it all. When we were approached with this opportunity everything just fell into place,” said McLean’s wife and business partner Megan.  Both are Gettysburg natives and local public school teachers.

The current building is situated at a prime site for local traffic and Civil War history buffs. The building is scarred with bullet holes and battle wounds from the Civil War are evident on the south side of the building. The original home was once known as Twin Sycamores, which were two trees outside of the shop that withstood the Civil War.  Astonishingly, one of the two is still standing.

With over 50 total homemade flavors and 16 always available in the shop along with soft-serve there is always a flavor for your liking. When it is peach season in Gettysburg, fresh peach ice cream is the biggest seller. Some other fan-favorites are cookies and cream, cookie dough, mint-chip, and a Mike Gladfelter favorite – black cherry. McLean said he is trying out two new flavors — A breakfast ice cream that will have a base of pancake batter with syrup and bacon and a donut ice cream,

Marc and Megan have been devoting many hours learning about the new business and training new workers. They currently have a full staff and are ready to take on the summer crowds. McLean said they have experienced some high-volume days this spring, and as the summer rolls in they are expecting more days like those.

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Jasmin is from Hollywood, FL. She is a junior at Gettysburg College, pursuing a bachelors degree in political science with a minor in peace and justice studies. Jasmin is a member of the Gettysburg College softball team and the Chi Omega sorority. She will be writing newsletters and articles for Gettysburg Connection. SHe is very excited to connect with the community members of Gettysburg.

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Michele Nichols
Michele Nichols
2 years ago

I love that the newsletter is welcoming student journalists from the college. After all, they are Gettysburg family, too! Great work Jasmin.

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