Organization Profile: Gettysburg National Golf Club

Gettysburg National Golf Club, previously Mountain View Golf Club, is a bucolic 18-hole golf course located at the corner of Fairfield Rd. and Bullfrog Rd. in Fairfield. The layout, designed by Ault, Clark & Associates, LTD has been a staple for Adams County residents and beyond since it opened in 1980, and has been rated by Golf Digest with 4 out of 5 stars.

In October 2020, the club was sold, and in addition to the new name , the new owners are already making some other big changes. In the first few months that they have owned the course, new sand has been added to the bunkers, and the hole sequence was reconfigured. The tee markers and tee placements were changed, and a new John Deere fairway mower was purchased. This spring, there are plans to bring on a brand new fleet of golf carts, and updates to the clubhouse are already underway.

Clubhouse renovations include an all new look for the fireplace

The new owner, Jordan Chronister, said the club is aiming to “bring out the character and history of the clubhouse with the pro shop renovations. Additionally, the course is expanding its food menu, adding draft beer lines, enclosing the patio to include new roll-up garage doors, and adding new seating areas and benches around the course.”

Similar to other clubs, Gettysburg National offers a variety of tournaments and special outings. The new owners are looking to add more events in the future, but as of now there are still a number of classics, for all ages and skill levels. Chronister is  especially happy with the success of events like “Glow Golf,” “The Turkey Shoot,” and “Saturday Junior Shootouts.”

While these amenities are part of what makes Gettysburg National popular, what has really given the club an influx of members is the discounted price tag. Longtime course player Thomas Gibbon said, “I have been an on and off member since the 1990s, but with the deal that was introduced with the new owners, I took advantage of the huge discount and joined along with many others.”

The deal Gibbon is referring to, which has now ended, offered a two year, unlimited golf  membership and play at only $398 (carts not included). For reference, the preceding price was over $2000 for the same benefits. Even after the deal, the seasonal price is only $298 for unlimited golf through October 31, 2021 (carts not included), which is still a bargain and is available for purchase anytime.

Chronister said the club remained busy throughout 2020.  “Golf has seen a huge uptick because of the pandemic…people want a safe way to be outside. We know a lot of people are out of work and struggling, so by offering inexpensive memberships we can give golfers a safe way to enjoy the outdoors while playing the game they love.”

“My favorite part about the course is just having a fun way to exercise with my friends. COVID isn’t really an issue, even with the rise in memberships, because we all just get our tee times and observe safety guidelines with each other and can have a fun day together as friends,” said Gibbon.   

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