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Organization Profile: Hunt’s Battlefield Fries and Café

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Are you in Gettysburg and craving some boardwalk French fries or Philly cheesesteak? Look no further, visit Hunt’s Battlefield Fries & Café.

The café is located located at 61 Steinwehr Avenue in a beautiful 1900s house where noted Lincoln scholar and reenactor Jim Getty once lived.

In 1992, the store’s owner Scott Hunt owned a restaurant in Stone Harbor, NJ, where he sold salty boardwalk fries right off the beach. After a successful time in New Jersey, he decided to move to York, PA and then to Gettysburg.

Hunt thought Gettysburg would be a great place for his shop because it was such a popular tourist location. His intuition panned out, as this is the restaurant’s 20th anniversary. 

Hunt said that the restaurant owning business runs in his family as his biological father was a cook in the army and had a shop in Hanover, PA. 

In addition to fresh cut Idaho potato fries, the restaurant offers savory cheesesteak, hamburgers, wings, grilled cheeses, chili dogs, and a wide assortment of breakfast dishes. They also offer fresh squeezed lemonade and limeade. The store is kid-friendly and exactly what you crave before and after a long day exploring the Gettysburg Battlefields. 

Hunt talked about his experience with owning a restaurant during the COVID-19 pandemic. He mentioned that the owner of Tommy’s Pizza in Gettysburg, PA set up a Facebook page for all the Gettysburg restaurants that offer take out. Hunt thanked the local townspeople for their dedication and support to keep Gettysburg’s businesses running during the pandemic.

Hunt’s favorite parts about being a restaurant owner in Gettysburg are meeting all the great people who come into his restaurant and making the food they love to eat.

Hunt’s Battlefield Fries & Café is in a perfect location on Steinwehr Avenue to enjoy on your way into or out of town after spending the day learning about historic Gettysburg. Or stop by anytime you’re ready for some fries.

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  • Love the Restaurants in Gettysburg! Also the long time shop of Dirty Billy’s Hats owners Fran & Billy Wickham. Great place to Visit while in town.

  • Have been going to our home away from home for 30 plus years and have always, always, gone to Battlefield Fries for some good old fries, steak sandwich or good old fashion hot dogs..We are from Canada and it’s always great to come here and get some Americana atmosphere…As soon as the borders opens up, they can expect us coming over for sure…Keep up the great work.

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