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Pennyslvania State Publishes List of Exempted Businesses, Updates the List, and Provides an Explanation

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The Pennsylvania Department of Community & Economic Development (DCED) has provided a list of the 56 Adams County businesses that were granted exceptions and placed on the state’s list of life sustaining businesses.

The DCED also explained the procedure used to classify businesses.

According to DCED, all Pennsylvania businesses were initially classified using industry sectors defined by the United States Census Bureau, known as the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS), and marked as either “open” or “closed” based upon whether those businesses were life-sustaining, or otherwise necessary to assist in battling the pandemic.

After the initial classification, businesses that did not appear on the list of life-sustaining businesses, but that provided goods and services necessary to life-sustaining businesses, were allowed to apply for an exemption that would allow them to operate—often in a reduced capacity—during this period of business closure.

Across the state about 43,000 businesses requested exemptions and just over 6,000 of those businesses received exemptions.

The granted exemption only allowed the business to engage in the activities that specifically referenced in their request for an exemption.

The state gave as an example a manufacturer that was required to close under the initial orders, but received an exemption because it made products required by the healthcare industry. If granted an exemption the manufacturer could make the healthcare products only.

The state said it was continually reviewing the exceptions for discrepancies.

“The exemption review process relied on the information provided to the DCED review team from an applying business. If a business misrepresented its life-sustaining operations, the administration has acted quickly to address and rectify the mistake as soon as it was brought forward,” said Rachel Wrigley, DCED Deputy Director of Communications.

“DCED has been undergoing quality control review over the duration of the review process. The department has changed some initial determinations from a denial to an approval, and sometimes from an approval to a denial,” said Wrigley.

The administration has also developed a complaint form for concerned individuals to report non-compliant businesses.

This following is a list of Adams County businesses that received an exemption:

Wyelectric LLC

Alexander’s Well Drilling

C. Minter’s Sealcoating

Allegheny Solid Surface Technologies

CST Bearing Co

Cleveland Industrial Recycling

Blue Collar Restoration Services LLC

DCI Fulfillemnt

Dreamscape Outdoors LLC

DRI Machine and Fab

Foster General Construction

Gettysburg Construction Co

Gettysburg Performance Gym

Glass Lockshop & Property Maintenance

Greenridge Glazing Applications

Allen L. Jeffcoat

Arctic Aire

Harrington’s Equipment Company

Hawk Industries, Inc.

J A Myers Homes

Jacobs Tool & Mfg.

Jerry’s Taxidermy

John W Bosserman Inc.

JZ Lawn Care

Keyser Consulting Group, LLC

Knoebel Picarelli (DBA: KPI Technology)

Len Dick Signs Inc.

Martins Renovation And Remodeling

Michael Simmers

Northeast Pallet

O?Malley Wood Products

Pa Roof Revival Llc

Pennwood Products Inc.

Pine Ridge Campground

PWI, Incorporated

Rebel’s Construction, Inc.

Rossville Carwash

Rowland Tree Service

Sanderson’s Coal Service

Sew?N Place

Signify North America Corporation

Simply Willow Plants

Spartan Equipment

Spectra-Kote Corporation

The Flower Boutique

The Natural Food Company

Timberline Recreational Enterprises, Inc.

TNT Underground Contracting Inc

Ultra Care Floor Systems, Inc

Tucker Industrial Liquid Coatings Inc.

Tripwire Operations Group

Vista Machines Inc.

Whispering Creek Tree Removal

Wilke Enginuity Inc.

Wm. F. Hill & Assoc., Inc.

Wolfe Industrial Auctions, Inc.

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