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Please Join A Virtual Food Drive

Tell your friends

Dear Neighbors


I hope you are all well and staying healthy. I have been working with the Central PA Food Bank and SCCAP to organize a virtual food drive for our town, with donations earmarked for SCCAP’s food pantry.


Our friends and co-workers have lost their livelihoods and may already be unable to pay bills or put food on the table. Many were already living with significant precarity. Gettysburg’s local economy has also been deeply affected by the pandemic, with the closure of non-essential businesses, lost revenue to the borough, and added strain to our local, life-saving organizations like SCCAP & Manos Unidas.


If you haven’t already made a donation, I hope you’ll join me in this virtual food drive for SCCAP. Simply click and drag a product off the shelf, scan it with the virtual cash register, and then check out to donate. You can even personally dedicate your donation to a specific individual or group in the ‘comments’ box at checkout.


Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity during these trying times. Please be sure to forward this email and/or the attached flyer to others in the community if you are willing and able.


Take good care



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