“President Bob” Iuliano talks about the future of Gettysburg College [Episode 65]

Robert W. Iuliano was appointed the 15th president of Gettysburg College in 2019, coming from a position as Senior Vice President and General Counsel at Harvard University.

Iuliano came to Gettysburg at almost the same time as COVID and he has spent his first three years dealing with the pandemic.

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In this interview Iuliano talks about the stresses of the pandemic on students, faculty, parents, and administrators.

He acknowledges there have been long-term effects on learning that the college is working to alleviate, but also says that new and effective methods of instruction have come out of the challenges COVID presented.

Iuliano also talks about the financial health of the college and the way forward given declining college enrollments across the country.

Iuliano outlines some of the ways the college interacts with the community.

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Musical Introduction by Thane Pittman.


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S. Copeland
S. Copeland
8 months ago

This man gutted the Gettysburg Review and gave vapid, dishonest reasons for it. He says it’s about the student experience? What about the students who worked on the magazine, those who want to get into publishing? And this isn’t about gutting the humanities, he says, yet he invalidates the experience of an English student at his school who worked on this publication by removing it for “student experience” reasons. This man is not fit to run a PTA meeting, much less a college.

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