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Primary election day is near. Is your registration correct?

Have you recently moved or changed your name? Is your voter registration accurate and up to date? 

Pennsylvania’s primary election is May 16, 2023. Now is the time to make sure you are registered to vote and that your voter registration information is current. You can check your registration status here.

It is vitally IMPORTANT that you verify your party affiliation for the primary. In Pennsylvania, you may vote in a primary only for candidates running in the party in which you are registered. 

Visit to:                                                                                                      

  • register to vote, 
  • change your name,   
  • change your address and/or
  • change your party affiliation.

You must make any updates to your voter registration by Monday, May 1, 2023, for them to take effect by the May 16 primary election. 

Pennsylvania Acting Secretary of the Commonwealth Al Schmidt and the PA Department of State encourage you to share this information with a friend and spread the word! Help ensure that all eligible voters can cast their ballot on May 16.

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