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Qually reviews his race

Democrat Marty Karsteter Qually lost again this year in his second challenge of long-time incumbent Republican Dan Moul in the race for Representative in the General Assembly from the 91st District.

According to voter records Qually received 33 percent of the vote in 2018 and 36 percent of the vote in 2022.

marty qually

Moul ran unopposed in 2014.

The result is perhaps not surprising given the 2 to 1 advantage of Republicans over Democrats in terms of registered voters.

“Of course we were hoping for better results, but I’m proud of our team and the work we did,” said Qually. “Dan Moul gets two more years; let’s hope he shows some accomplishments this time around. For my part I love this community and will remain engaged to make this a better place.”

“As long as my supporters and my family want me to keep fighting for women’s rights and accountability from Harrisburg, we will start planning for a third round in 2024,” said Qually. “I need to do a deeper dive into a comparison of numbers from 2018 and now. At first glance the overall results are very similar to 2018, but I’ll know more after a precinct by precinct review,” he said.

“We need to analyze the results, see where we made progress, and how to improve. Win or lose, we learn and move forward. Our community and our future deserve nothing less than that.”

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Cathy Diehl
Cathy Diehl
1 year ago

Thank you Marty for continuing the fight and also thanks to Beth Farnham for running

Jeremy Zeigler
Jeremy Zeigler
1 year ago

I hope Marty considers running for State Senate next year to replace Doug Mastriano to represent us in Harrisburg. Mastriano needs to go as he is a cancer to not only Gettysburg but to Pennsylvania as well. He’s an embarrassment to the military and to the blood spilt on Gettysburg’s battlefield as an insurrectionist he should be disqualified to hold that seat and be formally charged as a participant in the insurrection along with his wife.

Beth Farnham
Beth Farnham
1 year ago

Thank you for running Marty.

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