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Random acts of kindness and talking to strangers

My husband Athar’s brother and sister-in-law were visiting from Richmond Virginia over Labor Day weekend. Athar’s sister-in-law is Virginia senator Ghazala Hashmi. She had a phone interview on Sunday morning so we got to Lincoln Diner around 10:45. 

They selected the diner because they have had breakfast there once before and just loved it, including its setting and nostalgia, so that’s where they really wanted to go for breakfast. Also she was meeting a Democratic volunteer across the street at the Majestic afterwords to go knock on some doors for local candidates.

The diner was busy and only free seating was in the back room, the one for eight people where they have two four-person tables put together. The diner normally doesn’t allow you to use that seating unless you have 6 to 8 people in your party.

There was a couple behind me and so I turned around and asked them if they wanted to share that seating with us. They agreed. So the four of us sat at one side of the table and the two of them sat at the other end. We had a little conversation; they were from Virginia also. 

They got their food before us because they had ordered before us. We were busy talking. When they finished they stood up and thank us for our kindness. I wished them safe travels and do come back and visit us.

A few minutes later the waitress came to us and told us that they had taken care of our bill.

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