Restoring the Decency and Norms of our Democracy

It was an honor and privilege to be a candidate for Pennsylvania’s 13th Congressional District. On election night last November 3, I telephoned Congressman Joyce to congratulate him on winning re-election. In our brief, cordial conversation I urged him to utilize his medical background and experience to focus on prioritizing the federal response regarding the COVID-19 national public health crisis, as well as improving our healthcare system for all Americans. Had I known then he would instead concentrate his efforts on perpetuating election fraud untruths, signing on to amicus briefs with the intent of disenfranchising millions of Pennsylvania voters – questioning the very legitimacy of election results from the same ballot containing both our names – I may have delayed the proper, requisite concession phone call that evening. But my values of decency, respect for the citizens of PA-13 and norms of our democracy guided me otherwise.

Congressman Joyce has utterly failed at every opportunity to defend our Constitution and ensure a peaceful transition of power. He voted in opposition to certifying Pennsylvania’s (and Arizona’s) Electoral College votes – only hours after the deadly siege at the U.S. Capitol. If not enough, he voted against impeachment to hold accountable the one individual who not only incited an insurrection, but could have prevented this violent attack on our democracy. The horrific images from that day should shake us all to our core as Americans. Having spent nearly 30 years in public service as a law enforcement professional – 24 years as an FBI Special Agent – it’s deeply distressing to learn there were law enforcement, Fire/EMS and military personnel – active and retired – among the insurrectionists. This reflects the degree of grave harm suffered by our country and its institutions as condoned by a two-time impeached president and supported by sycophants like Congressman Joyce.

In just a few days, a new administration will begin to lead our government to address the monumental challenges facing our country. There’s never been a moment in our lifetimes when we need leaders and representatives who will place the interests of our country and the American people above political party, an individual leader, or personal self-interest. This is why I ran against Congressman Joyce because he has consistently demonstrated his inability to do so.

We desperately need to unify our country. Congressman Joyce can help by demonstrating decency, truthfulness and courage by formally acknowledging the electoral victory of President-Elect Biden and Vice President-Elect Harris. Then, as a medical doctor by supporting the proposed COVID-19 American Rescue Plan to save lives and rebuild our economy.

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