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Scott Harper appointed as Adams County Chief Public Defender

Scott Harper, former Adams County assistant public defender, has been named Chief Public Defender of Adams County. Harper graduated from Widener University School of Law in 2005 and was in private practice as a trial attorney, serving much of south-central PA. He joined the Adams County Public Defender’s staff in 2021. A former business owner, Harper graduated from Juniata College in 1991. He and his wife of 31 years have two children.

“I’m very pleased Scott is succeeding me as Public Defender,” said Kristin Rice, former Adams County chief public defender. “We worked together for the last couple of years, and I found him to have qualities that I believe are fundamental to a Public Defender: he is a staunch supporter of individual liberties, independent, unafraid of any new challenge, and fights for his clients. The Public Defender’s Office is in good hands, ” she added.  

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