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Thanking Christmas volunteers

‘Tis the season for festive merry-making and family memory-making, and the busy event-makers in our town didn’t disappoint! 

If, like me, you’ve adopted Gettysburg as your home because of its history, you likely know that walking on the fields and among the monuments is when that history speaks most deeply to your soul. Similarly, when you are out walking on the streets and among the residents and visitors in the present is when this small town speaks most intensely to your heart. 


This was our town this past weekend, made possible by the talents and undertakings of the Gettysburg Christmas Festival planners who worked countless hours organizing and implementing activities, the Gettysburg Garden Club members who furnished the town with beautiful festive greenery, the individual businesses who were decked out with welcoming holiday adornment, and all of the civic entities who provided support. 

As a result of their efforts, I spent a combined ten hours enjoying plentiful and fun activities with my family. My grandsons met live reindeer, rode a mechanical reindeer, ate donuts, decorated sugar cookies, had a photo taken with Santa, watched live foosball, romped with joy in a variety of bounce-houses, and listened with me as wonderful musicians played, and school choruses sang, some of our favorite holiday songs. 

Most importantly, we shared time and made memories. This is what the Christmas season is all about, and there’s more to come. Gettysburg Connection’s “Gettysburg Go!” newsletter provides an excellent online calendar of upcoming events.

Take a look, then take a walk, and enjoy a truly meaningful holiday season in Gettysburg.

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