The calm after the filming

The Pub & Restaurant on Lincoln Square in Gettysburg was quieter than it has been for a while, as the cast and crew of “A Gettysburg Christmas” has packed up and left town. The movie, which stars Lee Majors, was filmed in and around Gettysburg over the past month.

“The filming brought in such good energy that it actually felt like Christmas. People are still talking about it,” said Sonya Lopatic, a host at the Pub, which stayed open during the shoot so their customers could witness the process first hand.

A Gettysburg Christmas Cast

“It has the whole town talking,” Lopatic added, her enthusiasm brightening her smile. “The customers seemed to twinkle when they thought they might be in the film. The director, Bo Brinkman was very nice and wanted everything to appear as natural as possible,” she said.

Jasmine Garcia, a clerk at the Gettysburg Chocolate Market on Baltimore St. said the crew used the beautiful open doorway between the confectionery and the adjoining Christmas Haus shop to hang the traditional Christmas mistletoe under which one of the scenes of the film takes place.

“I was glad they didn’t want me to be an extra on camera,” Garcia said with a shy chuckle, saying that although none of the staff had parts in the film, they were all proud to be working in a place that will be part of a major motion picture.

Christmas Haus employee Lyn Krauss bubbled with pride as she talked about the director, cast, and crew of the film, who moved things around in the shop to get the best angle on the mistletoe scene. “They were all such lovely people,” she said. “Our owner Roger Lund and manager Dylan Raybold were both so thrilled because Bo Brinkman wrote a special scene so he could use the shop.”

Krauss said a bit of stage fright prevented her from an on-camera appearance.  “But one of the other clerks as well as two children of another staff member were happily included in the film,” she said.

The Farnsworth House, a Civil War era restaurant and bed and breakfast on Baltimore Ave. was also used as a location. Though the phone kept ringing with people wanting to meet the actors or be used as extras, Eddie Martinez, who works in guest services, said “It was a good experience. The director was very nice, and they dined in the tavern after the filming was done for the day.” Martinez said she thought the movie would be good for the borough and people will see it and want to come here.

Borough Manager Charles Gable hopes for the same result. “I think it’s important that we diversify how we present Gettysburg. We need to think more broadly than historic tourism. The brilliance of this movie is that it’s not battle-centric but shows a love story in a beautiful town that has so much to offer. It’s just the thing to bring people here,” he said.

Gable expressed his appreciation to local resident Kris Webb for her work in creating this project to show off Gettysburg at its best. Webb brought Bo Brinkman to Gettysburg to write the screenplay and direct the film, which is based on a novel of the same name by Craig Rupp.

From the smiles and happy memories shared around an out-of-the ordinary experience, it’s clear that “A Gettysburg Christmas” could make this year one of the borough’s best.

“A Gettysburg Christmas” is set to premier at the Majestic Theater and across the nation this December.

Deb Collins has been in central Pennsylvania since 1989. Her children graduated from Gettysburg Area High School at the turn of the century and now live at opposite ends of the turnpike, Chelsea in Pittsburgh and Jake in Philadelphia. Raised in Connecticut, Deb enjoys the milder climate and the proximity to so many major cities that Gettysburg provides.

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Cynthia d'Aquin-Pike
Cynthia d'Aquin-Pike
1 year ago

My most profound sympathies on your losses. Gatherings are so very helpful for those sharing a common sense of grief.
Balloons are not bio-friendly. When we did the “balloon” release for my nephew, we used butterflies native to our locale.
May your hearts know peace.

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