Tom Jolin honored for his work with HAPBI

Long-time Healthy Adams Bicycle/Pedestrian Inc. (HABPI) board of directors member Tom Jolin was honored today with a plaque placed near the Susan Naugle Bridge off W. Middle St.

In introducing Jolin, HAPBI board member Steve Niebler said Jolin’s name was “synonymous with HABPI.”

Niebler said Jolin was a founding member of HABPI and one of the originators of the idea for the Gettysburg Inner Loop (GIL) bike trail that is providing a safe place to ride throughout the Borough of Gettysburg. “He spent countless hours working with the Gettysburg Borough Council and staff, HABPI Board members, staff at the Adams County Planning Office, the staff of the National Park Service, property owners, and others on ideas for the trail’s location, funding opportunities, and logistics,” said Niebler.

Jolin thanked the board and members of HAPBI as well as Gettysburg Borough before he unveiled the plaque, saying “It’s been a good working relationship. It’s a community effort.”

The plaque sums up Tom’s contributions to biking in Adams County as follows:

In Appreciation

Tom Jolin was the force behind development of the Gettysburg trail system and Healthy Adams Bicycle/Pedestrian, Inc. (HABPI). His dedication and persistence brought together many community organizations and leaders to create the trail and this mini-park, benefiting residents and visitors.  His vision continues to inspire others for continued action.

During his time on the Board, HABPI developed the GIL and the North Gettysburg Trail.  He was the founder of the annual Kid’s Bike Parade at the Adams County Heritage Festival.  He was very dedicated to the idea of using bicycles as an alternate form of transportation.  He took his family on bike-only vacations when his children were younger.

The biking infrastructure of Gettysburg and Adams County has benefited immensely from Tom’s 20+ years of work. He continues to be available to HABPI on an as-needed basis to continue promoting safe bicycling throughout our community.  He is looking forward to continuing to play his music publicly, traveling, spending, time with his family, and riding his bike.

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