Unusual tourist visits Gettysburg

A black bear visited Gettysburg this morning and took a short rest in a tree on Baltimore St. across from the Adams County Courthouse.

Passersby first noticed the bear at about 8:00 a.m. quietly lounging on a branch of the tree. Dozens of people showed up with cameras. The Gettysburg Police Dept. cordoned off the block to car and pedestrian traffic.


PA Dept of Natural Resource officials had tranquilized the animal by about 9:00. It quickly fell asleep and was gently pushed off the tree for a 15-foot drop into a waiting tarp.

DNR officials said they had seen occasional bears passing through the borough but never knew of one to climb a tree.

While experts say they may weigh up to 600 pounds and are rarely aggressive, black bears should not be approached.

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Jim Meyer
Jim Meyer
9 months ago

We should feel privileged to live in a area with the abundance of wildlife that we have in the area. Hopefully we will not have any mishaps as time goes on, please make room fore the wildlife.

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