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Adams COVID Cases Continue to Rise as Commissioners Call for Safety and Vaccinations Continue

COVID-19 Cases in Adams County continued to rise this week at an alarming rate as County Commissioners reminded people to continue wearing masks and social distancing.

Commissioner Marty Qually said “Those who care about their families, friends, and community will do what is right and continue to follow scientific safety protocols. Over 160 Adams County residents have lost their lives because of this pandemic. We can rebuild our businesses and industries. We cannot bring those we lost back. Our number one goal must be the health and safety of our residents. Please let’s not lose sight of that as we begin to reopen our communities. Stay safe. Get vaccinated. Wear your mask.”

Commissioner Randy Phiel said “We are beginning to turn the corner after a difficult year-long struggle to control the COVID pandemic. With businesses soon increasing their customer capacities, it is more important than ever that we understand that good practices such disinfecting, distancing, handwashing and wearing masks all compliment vaccinations. We are not out of the woods yet! Infections have and are expected to periodically spike. The Adams County Board of Commissioners urge everyone to please do you part to ensure that Adams County residents and guests remain safe and that our community has the best possible chance to return to life as we knew it – minus COVID!

Vaccine News:

Vaccination supply continues to increase as the state moved past the 1A category to include other groups of people.

All Phase 1B occupation categories are now eligible, and all adults will become eligible for a vaccination on April 19.

  • Over 20,000 people in the county have been vaccinated.
  • Virtually all nursing home residents have received vaccines.
  • County teachers have received the Johnson and Johnson vaccine.
  • Vaccines are available at CVS pharmacies.
  • Vaccines are available at Adams-Cumberland Pharmacies.
  • A mass vaccination site, coordinated by Wellspan, has opened at the EMS Center east of town. Appointments are made on a rolling, daily basis. Please register here.

Virus News:

The number of positive COVID-19 cases in Adams County stands now at 8,263, an increase of 275 cases over the past week.

The county’s positivity rate is at 12.4 percent, an increase of 18 percent since last week and the per capita rate has also jumped 18 percent to 190.3 in the past 7 days. Hospitalizations have also increased and there have been 2 new deaths this week for a total of 161.

Please check the Pennsylvania Department of Health website and our Pennsylvania news stories page for more information.

Coronavirus testing is available from doctors and health centers, with swabs being sent for analysis to the department of health lab in Exton, PA or to commercial laboratories.

If you are experiencing symptoms of the coronavirus please contact your doctor or urgent care.

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Charles Belcher
Charles Belcher
2 years ago

I am concerned about recent news that indicate we will need booster shots every six months for COVID. Perhaps, they mean the booster will address the Covid-19 variants?

Charles Belcher
Charles Belcher
2 years ago

My bride and I are 70 and have had two shots of the Moderna. We feel very blessed to live through this terrible pandemic and finally receive our vaccinations. We pray for the health of all the citizens of Adams County. It’s scary. I am concerned about the COVID-19 variants that started in Brazil, moved to British Columbia and is now in the States. We must cooperate with the medical community and all get vaccinated ASAP. It is my understanding that these vaccines may be sufficient to deal with these variants. I am no doctor though.

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